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BIO - 2012

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Michael Ciccone is a sculptor/artist active in NY’s Hudson Valley. He shows regularly at the year-round outdoor Unison Sculpture Garden in New Paltz, NY, at Unison’s Sculpture Walk at the Water Street Market in New Paltz, NY, and at Opus 40 in Saugerties, NY. His work has also been shown as a part of the Kingston Biennial, and at the Doghouse Gallery, G.A.S. Gallery, Coffey Gallery, Woodstock School of Art, and Arts Upstairs, among many others.

He received his BA in fine arts from Bard College in 1993, then spent five years living in New York City. Working in a variety of challenging spaces in Manhattan and Brooklyn, Ciccone’s work from 1993-98 was inspired by his visits to the Hudson Valley, both in terms of material and subject matter. His work has always included, and been inspired by, found objects. While living in the city, his dreams of the country expressed themselves in the form of abstract landscapes, “an opportunity to step back for a moment from the chaos of the city,” as he described it early in 1998.

After returning to the Hudson Valley from Manhattan in August of 1998, Ciccone has had the opportunity to develop his body of work, first in his shop in West Park, and now at his home studio in Saugerties, NY. His work expands upon the landscapes, abstract pieces, and other found object pieces from his time in New York City to include pieces that further explore the gravity and instability of a particular moment in time. This is achieved through both abstract work that evokes a more physical response, and figurative work exploring a particular theme.

While he has been a dumpster diver for a long time, this aspect has taken on greater significance since he joined the Laborer’s Union, Local 17, in 2003, and began bringing home objects discarded from various job sites. In 2009 he began a project that consciously brings together his work as a sculptor and his "day job" as a construction laborer. As the lead cutter on the Walkway Over the Hudson, he cut steel and high voltage cables to prepare the old Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge for its new life as the world’s longest and highest pedestrian bridge. He has been incorporating many of the pieces he removed into a series of sculpture, of which several pieces have been displayed at galleries throughout the Hudson Valley. A community group has formed to return one of these pieces, “Momentum,” a large-scale abstract locomotive, back to the Walkway itself (photos, video, and more info at walkwaysculpture.wordpress.com).

Ciccone’s prolific work is evident to anyone who regularly drives by his sculpture garden on Glasco Turnpike in Saugerties, NY. His fans are always interested to see which new piece has found a place on the front lawn, or sad to see which are missing after moving to an exhibition or being sold. The completion of his home studio in 2007 has allowed him not only to work in an increasingly larger scale, but also to open his studio to the public. He joined the Saugerties Artists Tour in 2007, and has been an active planning member of that group ever since. His studio and outdoor sculpture garden are open to the public most weekends, and by appointment.

Other current exhibitions are listed on his website events page, at http://michaelciccone.com/events.html.  

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